“Manager” vs. “Coach” VCs

There are two major types of VCs and the list below summarizes the signals to help you differentiate easily:

Managervs.Coach” VCs:

Capture value vs. Add value

Evaluate teams (easily find imperfections) vs. Empower teams (know how to take the best out of everybody)

Associate with others’ success vs. Make others successful first

Rely on external opinion vs. Trust their gut

Take low-risk decisions vs. Take bold decisions

Look more into the past vs. Look more into the future

Follow trends vs. Lead trends

Understand the numbers vs. Understand the game

Achieve some returns vs. Become legendary


And a bonus one…

Most likely reside in the EU vs. Most likely reside in the US ;)


Which type do you happen to meet more often?

Which of the funds you already know would you put in which category?

What else would you add to make the picture more clear?


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